These are the original 2" long stainless steel head pins I first started selling. They are nice and flexible. Very easy to work with. A tad darker than silver but they won't tarnish. Will fit the holes in pearls. - No - Tarnish Stainless Steel
2 inches/ around a 22-24 gauge
measured by weight. Approx. 200 count for $7.50. SOLD OUT for a few weeks. 11/18/11

I used to use silver head pins until Kate McKinnon turned me on to the advantages of these stainless steel versions. They are just as flexible and easy as the silver to work with, and thin enough for pearls. They look great, slightly darker than silver, and they have two great advantages...they won't tarnish in your jewelry, and they are lower cost! I've been using these exclusively in my designs for the past year. You won't be disappointed.

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