Colorful Ice Pops
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I played and did something different.
The focal of this bracelet is a
sterling silver bezel that
I made. Instead of making a
lampwork bead to set inside.
I cut tiny bits off of my
glass rods and then inserted
them standing up inside
the silver bezel. It's different &
pretty cute if I do say so myself:-)
The bezel is 1" tall.

The bracelet also includes a
big yummy pale purple with
raised pink dots hollow bead.
There is also a fun pod bead with
another small green hollow
bead next to it. It's perfect for
the spring and summer. The
toggle is a beautiful sterling silver
toggle with leaves etched on it.
It is all wire wrapped together
with tarnish resistant
argentium silver. Sized to fit.


Glass Beadle© 2002, 2003, 2004